The results produced by Ramsey Property Wealth are estimates only. The projections are not guaranteed because they are only based on limited information about the client’s circumstances and the projections include assumptions about the future which may not happen.

For example, future investment returns and the economy (inflation, interest rates, etc.) are assumed to be steady and predictable, whereas in reality they will fluctuate and may turn out to be higher or lower than assumed. Plus, the current legislative environment is in place for the length of the projections, whereas, in reality, legislation may change. Also note that changes announced in a budget will only be implemented when they have passed both Houses of Parliament and been given Royal Assent.

Important warnings, disclaimers and disclosures
The advice in this document is based on our knowledge of your personal and financial situation, needs and objectives as advised by you and as set out in this document from data you supplied. If our information is inaccurate or incomplete the advice may not be appropriate. For this reason, we ask that you please advise us immediately if there are any material changes, errors or omissions in respect to your circumstances as they are set out within this document and its attachments if any. We strongly suggest you do this before you act on any of our advice. This Property Portfolio Plan has been prepared for your use only and should not be used as a guide by any other person.  This Property Strategy is not to be interpreted as specific financial advice as this would need to be completed under a Statement of Advice. Any comments in this Property Strategy that
are of a Financial Planning nature are General Advice only.

Ramsey Property Wealth is not a financial advisor. You should consider independent legal, financial, taxation or other advice to ascertain how our property advice applies to your unique circumstances. Investment return projections are based on historical average performance of actual or simulated returns. Performance data shown represents past performance. Past performance is no guarantee of future results and current performance may be higher or lower than the performance shown. Therefore, the stated figures should not be relied upon. The investment return and principal value of an investment will fluctuate so that an investor’s investments, when redeemed, may be worth more or less than their original cost. You should seek and be satisfied with your own legal and financial advice and carry out any other research necessary before making financial decisions.

No representation, guarantee, warranty etc.
We make no representation, guarantee, warranty, promises or undertaking as to the: (i) suitability of any properties purchased or sold by you; or (ii) any financial viability or guarantee in respect of your property purchases or sales. You should make your own enquiries before any property purchases or sales, including obtaining the appropriate legal and financial advice. To the maximum extent allowable by law, we, our agents, and employees will not be liable for any loss or damage suffered or incurred by you in relation to
any property purchase or sale.

Property as an investment – disclaimer

Property is generally a relatively illiquid asset class and it is often difficult to gain access to funds quickly if the asset needs to be sold. While Ramsey Property Wealth recommends the ownership of property with a solid rental yield, residential property can also incur repairs costs and there may also be periods where the property is vacant, and no rental income is received. For the above reasons we consider that property is generally most effective as a long-term investment (minimum 10 years), with time in the market allowing both the rental income and the market value of the property time to grow and compound in a tax-efficient manner. Therefore, it is also considered important to maintain a reasonable cash buffer in case of unforeseen repairs costs or vacancy periods.

Variance Analysis – Interest Repayments
Future interest rates cannot be reliably predicted.

Therefore, it is recommended that a robust cash buffer is maintained to cover potential vacancies, repairs, levies, as well as unforeseen increases in mortgage repayments.

While the cash flow from these events may remain negative, in a high growth scenario over
time a substantial pool of equity can be generated from these assets.

Interest rates on variable rate products may increase or decrease in the future, and therefore the impact of potential future hikes to interest rates need to be considered in the context of the below estimates and projections

Property values do not typically rise or fall in a linear fashion. Prices may stagnate or fall for significant periods of time through a market cycle.

Retention of information
You have provided us with your information and have granted us permission to retain the information on our files and provide details as required to product issuers.

Disclosure of fees and commissions
The fee for our preparation of this report has been agreed in our contract. An invoice for this amount has already been issued and paid. The fees represent work done and a fee-for-service in respect of this report only. Ramsey Property Wealth does not receive any commissions or ongoing commissions from other sources with the potential exception of our Finance referral Where this eventuates, the commissions will be disclosed up front and in writing by the Finance Broker. Any subsequent work related to the sourcing, purchase or sale of investment properties will be the subject of a separate engagement and billed separately.

Conflicts of interest
Aside from the commissions we potentially receive from Business partners for referrals , Ramsey Property Wealth and I do not have any other relationships that may create a conflict of interest or potentially influence our advice to you.

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